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Ruby's Litter by Sex and Collar Color

Updated July 4, 2021

This page Under Construction
Check back for new individual puppy photos.

Photos taken 7-4-21 4 almost 5 weeks

Ruby Puppies 7-4-21 .jpg
Ruby's Puppies 7-4-21 2.jpg

Photos taken 6-29-21 4 weeks old


Males 7 : 

Mr. Green gold dark

Mr. Brown gold medium

Mr. White gold medium

Mr. ?

Mr. Orange

Mr. Yellow gold

Mr, Aqua lightest male

Ms. Cedar.jpg

Ms. Cedar

Females 6 : 

Ms. Purple gold dark

Ms. Pink gold dark

Ms. Lime Green gold

Ms. Fuchsia gold medium

Ms. Cedar gold

Ms. Yellow gold

Ms. Red 2.jpg
Ms. Red.jpg

Ms. Red

Ms. Fushcia 2.jpg
Ms. Fuschia 2.jpg
Ms. Fuschia.jpg

Ms. Fuchsia

Ms. Lime Green.jpg
Ms. Lime Green 2.jpg
Ms. Pink.jpg

Ms. Pink

Ms. Lime Green

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